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Welcome to the
San Diego Port Tenants Association's website

(SDPTA) is a non-profit organization of businesses who lease land along the tidelands of San Diego Harbor. We have a full listing of San Diego Bay Hotels, Restaurants and Attractions as well as links to the Convention Center and the San Diego Symphony.

This website also has all the San Diego Harbor attractions listed, including harbor cruises, the Midway Museum, the Maritime Museum, the San Diego Convention Center and the San Diego Symphony. Please check back back often for our updates of events of our members as well as the ever-popular Police Log.

Much like a chamber of commerce, we are a focal-point for news, events, activities and port-related projects along the working waterfront. Please check back often for news updates on Tidelands information (right side of all our pages).

Operating out of locations on or near the San Diego tidelands, SDPTA membership includes representatives from the following businesses and organizations:

  • Ship building and repair
  • Shipping and trade
  • Marinas
  • Yacht sales
  • San Diego Boat Yards
  • Commercial and sports fishermen
  • Cruise ship industry
  • Yacht clubs
  • Aerospace and airport industries
  • The hospitality industry, including San Diego hotels and San Diego restaurants
  • Retail merchants
  • The U.S. Navy
  • San Diego Working Waterfront

Who can join The Port Tenants Association?

Membership in the San Diego Port Tenants Association is open to all major tenants of the Unified Port of San Diego as well as those who sublet their offices and places of business. In addition, we welcome related businesses who work with members of the Association.

Sharon Cloward, President
San Diego Port Tenants Association
2390 Shelter Island Drive #210
San Diego, CA 92106

Phone: 619-226-6546
Fax: 619-226-6557

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Current Events

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Homeland Security
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