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Operation Clean Sweep "OCS" was created in 1990 by the Marine Trades Association for the purpose of enhancing recreational boating. The goal was to provide an opportunity for people to get out on the San Diego Bay while providing a service to the waterfront community. In 1999, the Marine Trades Association merged into the San Diego Port Tenants Association (SDPTA) and the SDPTA took over this event. Since Operation Clean Sweep began in 1990, nearly 42 sites have been cleaned, over 10,000 people have volunteered to help, and over 370 boats have been donated. From 2011-2014 alone, nearly 200,000 lbs. of debris was removed from the bay and its shoreline. Cranes, barges, forklifts, chainsaws and sledgehammers have been donated to cleanup heavy debris. Unique trash finds from past years have included: a telephone booth, a baby stroller, a bubble gum machine, five bikes, a helium tank, a message in a bottle, a bag of 12 gauge shot guns, fisherman's boots, many sunken boats, toilets, a canopy and dishwashers.

Event volunteers comb Port Tidelands shores and water of San Diego Bay to dispose of litter and debris, simultaneously protecting wildlife and beautifying the bay. The 1000 person Shoreside clean up occurs on Port Tidelands and includes military and civilian divers that clean the bottom of the bay. The clean-up is followed by an after party at with lunch and awards for the most unique trash finds. This annual event is the most extensive clean-up of San Diego Bay. In 2013, OCS was recognized with the "Find and Fix" Award by San Diego Coastkeeper; on Earth Day of 2015, OCS was recognized with the "Thing Big" Award by the Industrial Environmental Association and County Supervisor Greg Cox.

The SDPTA is proud to partner with the Port of San Diego, US Navy, the US Coast Guard, Harbor Police, SDG&E, California Professional Divers Association and numerous Port Tenants to improve the quality of the San Diego Bay. Volunteers receive complimentary t-shirts, water, gloves and trash bags, and an assignment to a clean-up area. Sites include family-friendly areas as well as areas cleaned by shipyards and other experienced volunteers.

Formed in 1989, the San Diego Port Tenants Association is a coalition of businesses and industries on San Diego Bay, dedicated to enhancing trade, commerce and tourism on San Diego Bay's tidelands, while protecting the area's environment. The SDPTA has members comprising many different land and water uses on the Port's Tidelands including hotels, restaurants, marinas, parking lots, offices, retail, yacht brokerages, boat repairs, ship repairs, harbor excursions, non-profit and not-for-profit enterprises, cold storage, and many others.

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